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Jenni Pennanen Art



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A charming little round board with the theme of friendship. In the work, two bambis stand side by side, with the forest, mountains and the sun in the background. Soft tones and a refined structured surface create liveliness in the work. The small work can be placed in many places in the interior of the home, or even on a small support on the table.

Product features:

  • Topic : Friendship. Two Bambi and nature, mountains, forest, sun
  • Colors : Warm brown, pink and different shades of blue, with orange and purple spots. Together, the colors create a calming and lively whole
  • Frame : Elegant golden edging that adds a touch of luxury
  • Surface : A structured surface that brings depth and liveliness to the painting

Product information:

  • Method : Acrylic and oil paint, structural coating
  • Size: Round canvas, diameter 20cm
  • Easy to hang : Light construction and ready to hang

Who is this work for?

  • For nature lovers : You want to buy art with a canvas An ideal choice for anyone who appreciates nature and art with animal motifs.
  • For decorators : For a home that needs a touch of color. Also suitable for children's and young people's interior and room.
  • As a gift idea : A nice gift idea for an animal-loving friend or family member.

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